MidnightBSD Release Notes

0.1-RELEASE Notes

August 6, 2007 MidnightBSD 0.1-RELEASE is now available. It includes several software packages such as ksh, sudo, OpenNTPD, gcc 3.4.4, BIND 9.3.4 (plus patch) and others in the base system. Disc 1 ISO includes the entire Operating System and X11 (xorg 6.9) packages. Disc 2 ISO includes a selection of additional packages such as GNUstep, bash 3, zsh, and cups-base. There are additional packages on our FTP server. More will be added in a few days. Only disc 1 is required for installation. This release is intended for enthusiests, developers and people interested in new operating systems that can handle bugs. The core OS is stable, but many elements such as ports are in flux.

Get 0.1: Official site (slow)