MidnightBSD Release Notes

0.1-RELEASE Errata

Installation issues

projectcenter.app package is missing dependancies on disc2. mutt package is missing urlview dependancy on disc2.

GNUstep package includes gdnc which is missing libgcc_s.so.1.

bash 3 and gmake missing libintl.so.6. This can be fixed by uninstalling gettext and building it from the port. A new package was placed on the FTP server.

System issues

CVSUP example for updating src fetches CURRENT instead of RELENG_0_1

The new mports system was not included in the RELEASE. Many ports work in mports that do not work in the old system. It is suggested that you update your source using RELENG_0_1 and download the latest mports using CVS or CVSup.

Using Virtual PC for Windows:
If you install MidnightBSD in VPC, you will need to set hint.acpi.0.disabled="1" in /boot/device.hints. This will help with the "calcru: negative runtime of" issue.

August 11, 2007:
The pkg_install tools found in src/usr.sbin/pkg_install were not updated for mports. This has been corrected. You should be able to do cvs update on that directory and run make install and get the new versions of pkg_add, pkg_delete, and so on.