MNBSD-2023-3 Double free after calling PEM_read_bio_ex

The function PEM_read_bio_ex() reads a PEM file from a BIO and parses and decodes the "name" (e.g. "CERTIFICATE"), any header data and the payload data. If the function succeeds then the "name_out", "header" and "data" arguments are populated with pointers to buffers containing the relevant decoded data. The caller is responsible for freeing those buffers. It is possible to construct a PEM file that results in 0 bytes of payload data. In this case PEM_read_bio_ex() will return a failure code but will populate the header argument with a pointer to a buffer that has already been freed.

Aliases: CVE-2022-4450

Modified: 2023-04-03T01:17:00.600Z
Published: 2023-04-03T02:22:58.600Z